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seriation: Reordering in Visualization

Reordering matrices is a long known technique. For example Jacques Bertin devoted a whole chapter of his book "Graphics and Graphic Information Processing" to this topic. More recently matrix reordering was applied to mosaic displays for multi-way contingency tables, distance matrices, correlation matrices, and scatter plot matrices. For these applications reordering is typically done using heuristics.

We are interested in applying efficient algorithms recently developed by Brusco and Stahl for the seriation problem to visualization and develop new reordering-based visualization techniques.

A detailed treatment and an application for cluster visualization can be found in the preprint of Dissimilarity Plots: A Visual Exploration Tool for Partitional Clustering.


M. Hahsler, K. Hornik and Christian Buchta (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Developed Software


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