SMU Database Research Group - Margaret H. Dunham


The SMU Database Research Group provides research in data mining, main memory databases and mobile computing.>SMUDB Index The SMU Database Research Group provides research in data mining, and mobile computing.>SMUDB Index

Welcome to the Database Research Group

The Database Reseach Group of Southern Methodist University performs research in two main areas - Data Mining and Mobile Computing. Our philosopy is that perseverance and hard work are the most important characteristics required for success in research and engineering.

The Database Research Group in SMU's Computer Science and Engineering Department is headed by Dr. Margaret H. Dunham. It has been funded by grants from NSF, Texas' ATP, NEC, DOD, and other agencies.


Current Research Concentrations:

  • Data mining: The current focus of this research is into data stream modeling and algorithms. We are particularly interested in detecting concept drifts, rare event detection, and visualization.
  • Biodegradation Prediction: Professor Dunham is part of an interdisciplinary research project aiming to improve prediction of chemical biodegration.
  • Information Retrieval: Development of algorithms and tools to improve searching of the US Patent Database (USPTO) focusing on prior art searches.

Recent Research Funding:

  • NSF IIS-0208741 WITN: Collaborative Research in DAta in Your Space (DAYS)

Previous Research Concentrations:

  • Bioinformatics : Professor Dunham is a member of the SMU Bioinformatics and Data Mining Research Group.
  • Mobile computing: particularly techniques to effectively access location dependent data (LDD) and broadcast data.
  • Main memory databases
  • Temporal databases
  • Database Flow Graphs