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What is SMU SWE?

Society of Women Engineers, or SWE, is an international organization that has been providing support and services to establish engineering as a desirable and achievable career path for women since 1950. SMU SWE is the chapter of Society of Women Engineers at Southern Methodist University. As a group, we aim to support women majoring in STEM degrees, while also fostering the next generation of female engineers. The organization is open to both men and women in engineering, and spends most of its time performing outreach, bringing in companies to talk to students, and helping each other make it through some of the toughest majors at SMU. Keep your eye out for posters and emails letting you know about our next events, and we hope to see you there.






What is SMU?

Southern Methodist University, or SMU, is a private liberal-arts educational institution housed on a beautiful campus in Highland Park, Texas that is right in the heart of Dallas. The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering at SMU, provides a unique, hands on engineering education to create future innovators that change the landscape of tomorrow.


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