Frank P. Coyle, PhD (drC)

Senior Lecturer
Computer Science and Engineering Dept

Email: coyle at smu .edu


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Frank Coyle's XML, Web Services, and the Data Revolution does a great job of explaining the XML phenomenon by clearly describing where it came from, why it has proved so useful, and where it is likely to take us.""— Michael Champion"XML, Web Services, and the Data Revolution" presents a revealing view of XML that places this emerging technology in context..

Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist. One of the best books explaining the technologies behind the Semantic Web. Essential if you want to build semantic web services!


Generating Research Ideas

Semantic Web Series

Intro to the Semantic Web

Building A SemWeb Model

Intro to RDF & N3

Intro to N3

N3 --think

Setting up CWM for N3





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Summer 2015

CSE 5311 Fundamentals of Computing

An exploration of the great ideas in computing. Topics include: Architecture, Historical Perspectives, Programming languages with a Python focus, Algorithms, Databases, Networks, the Web, Security.


D is for Digital. Brian Kernighan (click for Amazon)

Exploring Python. Timothy Budd (click for Amazon)

CSE 8313 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: The Semantic Web

Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist. 2nd Edition. Allemang & Hendler (click for Amazon)

Learning SPARQL. Bob DuCharme. O'Reilly (click for Amazon)

Practical Neo4j. Jordan. APRESS (click for Amazon)





Recommended Reading:

Semantic Web:

Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist. Allemang & Hendler.2008. Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN: 012-373556-0

XML and Associated Technologies:

Beginning XML. 4th Edition., Hunter, Rafter, et. al., WROX Press. , ISBN# 0-470-11487-8

Overview of the XML World:

XML, Web Services and the Data Revolution. Frank Coyle, Addison Wesley. 0-201-77641-3

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