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Prof. Ping Gui

Ping Gui, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

School of Engineering

Southern Methodist University

P.O. Box 750338, Dallas, TX 75275-0338 (Mail)

6251 Airline Rd. #308, Dallas, TX 75205 (Courier)


Email: pgui at

Voice: (214) 768-1733

Fax:     (214) 768-3573

Office: Jerry Junkins #319




Analog, mixed-signal, RF/mmwave, and digital Integrated Circuits (IC) design for a variety of applications including high-speed wireless and wireline communications using mmwave, low-power biomedical circuits, mmwave automotive RADARs, high-speed ADC/DACs, circuits and systems for extreme and harsh environments, and hardware security.


latest Publications

1.     S. Guo, T. Xi, P. Gui, J. Zhang, W. Choi, K. K. O, Y. Fan, D.  Huang, R. Gu, and M. Morgan, “54 GHz CMOS LNAs with 3.6 dB NF and 28.2 dB Gain Using Transformer Feedback Gm-Boosting Technique”, to appear in  proceedings of IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference (ASSCC) 2014.

2.     T. Xi, S. Guo, P. Gui, J. Zhang, K. K. O, Y. Fan, D. Huang, R. Gu, M. Morgan, “Low-Phase-Noise 54GHz Quadrature VCO and 76GHz/90GHz VCOs in 65nm CMOS process”, Technical Digest of IEEE Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC) 2014.

3.     K. Sun, Z. Gao, P. Gui, I. Oguzman, X. Xu, K. Vasanth, Q. Zhou, K. Shung, “A High Slew-Rate High-Voltage Linear Amplifier for Ultrasonic Imaging  Applications in a High-Voltage SOI Technology”, accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II

4.     Z. Gao, P. Gui, X. Xu, R. Jordanger, I. Oguzman, R. Hamilton, and K. Vasanth, “An Integrated High-Voltage Low-Distortion Current-Feedback Linear Power Amplifier for Ultrasound Transmitters Using Digital Predistortion and Dynamic Current Biasing Techniques”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II. Vol. 61, Iss. 6, pp. 373-377, June 2014

5.     S. Guo, T. Liu, T. Zhang, G. Wu,T. Xi, P. Gui, W. Maung, M. Morgan, “A Low-Power 28 Gb/s Clock-Data-Recovery (CDR)”,  Proceedings of SRC TECHCON 2014.

6.     G. Wu, J. Li, D. Huang, P.Gui, T. Liu, S. Guo, S. Chakraborty, Y. Fan, and M. Morgan, “A 1-16 Gbps All Digital Clock and Data Recovery with a Wideband, High-Linearity Phase Interpolator”,  Proceedings of SRC TECHCON 2014.

7.     S. Guo, T. Xi, G. Wu, T. Liu, T. Zhang, P. Gui, Y. Fan and M. Morgan, “A Low-Power 28 Gb/S CDR Using Artificial LC Transmission Line Technique in 65 nm CMOS”, Proceedings of IEEE MWSCAS 2014.

8.     T. Xi, S. Guo, P. Gui, J. Zhang, K. K. O, Y. Fan, D. Huang, R. Gu, M. Morgan, “Low-Phase-Noise 54GHz Quadrature VCO and 76GHz/90GHz VCOs in 65nm CMOS process”, Proceedings of SRC TECHCON 2014.

9.     T. Zhang, F. Tavernier, P. Moreira, and P. Gui, “A 10 Gb/s Laser Driver in 130 nm CMOS Technology for High-energy Physics Applications”, Proceedings of Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (TWEPP) 2014.

10.  W. Xia, T. Zhang, P. Gui, T. Liu and J. Hoff, “Thermal Analysis of the proto-VIPRAM2D chip”,  Proceedings of  Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics (TWEPP) 2014.

11.  J. Beshay, Y. Du, P. Huang, N. Mahabaleshwar, B. McMillin, E. Nourbakhsh, K. Subramani, T. Xi, B. Banerjee, J. Camp, J. Chen, P. Gui, R. Prakash, and D. Rajan. "Wireless Networking Testbed and Emulator (WiNeTestEr)," Proceedings of ACM MSWiM, Montreal, Canada, September 2014.

12.  G. Wu, K. Sun, T.Zhang, S. Guo, T. Xi, R. Wang, and P. Gui, “A low-voltage temperature compensated VCO design”, IEEE DCAS Workshop 2014.

13.  G. Wu, G. W. Deptuch, J. Hoff, and P. Gui,Degradations of threshold voltage, mobility and drain current and the dependence on transistor geometry for stressing at 77 K and 300 K,” IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, Vol. 14, Iss. 1, pp. 477-483, March 2014.